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Articulation activities have been posted which target a variety of sounds for you to practice at home. Many of these resources are in an interactive game format. It is very important that you say the words aloud using your very best speech as you complete each activity... "say it, don't just play it!" 


Here are some activities for you to practice a variety of speech sounds. Remember to use your very best speech as say each word. As always, have your parent or guardian sign a note stating that you completed an activity at home. You will go into the raffle 2 times.


 /R/ practice:


(all positions)


(final /r/)


(medial /r/)


(initial /r/)


(/r/ and /r/ blends - all positions)


(/r/ blends - initial)


/S/ practice


(initial /s/)


(medial /s/)


(final /s/)


(/s/ i,m,f)


(/s/ blends)


/Z/ all positions

/z/ final 


(/s/, /z/)

(/s/, /z/)


/R/ and /S/


/SH/, /CH/, /J/


/ch/ final

/ch/ initial


/TH/ practice     


/th/ unvoiced (as in thumb) and /f/ initial


/th/ unvoiced initial       


/th/ unvoiced all positions


/th/ all positions (voiced "thumb" and unvoiced "this")


/L/ Practice


/l/ initial     

/l/ blends initial

/l/ medial   

/l/ final       


text here..