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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - April

Seasonal Activities - April

April Carryover Activities


April Fools Day:  1) Have your child tell a joke using her/his good speech sound(s). 2) Brrainstorm with your child a list of words containing the sound that they are working on in speech class. Help her/him create a silly tongue twister using his/her sound(s). 3) Help your child think of a time when someone played a joke or teased him/her. Have your child describe the event and how he/she felt using their best speech sound(s).


Earth Day:  1) Recycling is one way people take care of the Earth. Have your child explain what it means to recycle. Have your child name things in your house to recycle. 2) Pollution is harmful to the Earth. Have your child talk about sources of pollution. Listen for his/her good speech sound(s). 3) Some animals are very scarce, or endangered because of damage to the Earth. Have your child talk about ways we can protect animals. 4) Discuss with your child the ways in which your household have become "green".


Other April activities:  1) Have your child name colors he/she might see in a butterfly. 2) Have your child explain, in sequence, how to fly a kite. 3) Have your child describe how a bird makes a nest ... also in sequence. 4) Have your child pretend he/she is a weather person. Using his/her best speech, have your child give a weather forecast. 5) "April showers bring May flowers" ... Have your child describe their favorite rainy day activity. 6) Have your child tell how galoshes and tennis sneakers are alike and how they are different. 7) Have your child think of special items needed for a rainy day. 8) Spring rains make big puddles and lots of mud. Create your own recipe for a "Mud Pie". Have your child tell about how to make this special pie. 9) Have your child imagine that their shoes had springs! Have them draw a picture of "spring sneeakers" and tell a story of what they would do if they could wear these sneakers for a day. 10) Baseball season is almost here. Have your child describe the rules of the game ... or any other seasonal game. 11) Have your child talk about his/her favorite baseball or other sports team.


Be creative thinking of special activities to reinforce skills during the Spring time. Send in your ideas so that we can post them on this page to share with everyone!