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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - June

Seasonal Activities - June

June Carryover Activities


June is here already! Let's not forget about those skills that you have been working so hard on in Speech/Language class this past year. Here are some ideas for you to practice your skills. Be sure to use your best sounds, sentences, and/or fluency strategies when answering these questions.


Father's Day:  1) Every dad is special. Tell some special things about your dad. 2) Describe your dad's "typical" day. 3) Describe some special things that you will do for your dad on his special day. 4) In May and June, moms and dads have a special day. Discuss how moms and dads are alike and how they are different. 5) Every father is different. Draw a picture of your father and describe what he looks like.


Other June activities

1) Discuss the things that you learned in school this year.

2) Now that school is out you will no longer be taking a bus every day. Discuss different types of transportation. Describe how they are similar and different from one another.

3) Explain how to play baseball.

4) Sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" or make up your own baseball song. Try using your own words ... with your speech sounds ... to the tune of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".

5) In the summer, children play with friends. Describe what you like to do the most during the summer.

6) Some children may have a lemonade stand in the summer. Describe everything that you need to set up a stand.

7) During the summer vacation some children may have babysitters. Explain what a babysitter does.

8) Flag Day is in June. Symbols and patterns on a flag vary from country to country. Every state also has a flag. Design a flag that represents your family. Explain what you drew. Bring your flag to Speech class in September for 2 extra raffle chances.

9) June is a great time to go on a picnic. Draw a picnic basket with those things that you would like to take on your picnic. Describe what you put in the basket.

10) June is a great time to go to a baseball game. Think of things you might find at a baseball game.

11) The summer solstice marks the longest "daylight" during one day in North America. It is also the first official day of summer. Draw a picture of the sun. On each of the sun's rays write what you hope to do this summer. Share your ideas with your friends and family.


Best wishes for a wonderful, fun-filled, and safe summer! I look forward to seeing all of you in September.