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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - December

Seasonal Activities - December


What a wonderful time of the year to practice all of your communication skills! Here are some suggestions to assist you at home in practiciting those skills that your child is learning in speech class. Remember, any time is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce newly learned skills. If your child is working on improving his/her articulation of a specific sound, be sure to listen for his/her correct production of that sound. If your child is focusing on improving their fluency control, remind them to use the speech strategies that he/she has been learning in speech class. If your child is working on improving grammar, syntax, expressive and receptive language, these suggestions are an excellent way to expand upon language skills.

     1.  Children receive many types of toys this time of year. Have your child discuss a new toy he/she would invent and tell how it would work. 2. Santa has 9 reindeer including Rudolph. Have your child name all of the reindeer and explain how they travel. 3. Children often write letters to Santa. Have your child discuss what he/she would write to Santa. 4. December is a good time to thank those that have helped you throughout the year. Ask your child to talk about people or things that have helped him/her this past year.5. Have your child brainstorm words that are associated with winter. 6. For the holidays, many people bake cookies. Have your child describe how they would make their favorite cookie. Tell them to describe as many types of cookies as they can. 7. People light candles for both Chanukah and Kwanzaa. Have your child name things that shine. Discuss the meaning of the lights and why they are lit in a specific sequence. 8. During this season, many people exchange presents. Have your child describe how to wrap a gift. 9. For the holidays, many people have special clothes. Have your child talk about the types of clothing he/she likes to wea and describe how these are the same and/or different from "special occasion" clothes. 10. Music is everywhere during this season. Have your child sing his/her favorite song.11. It is a busy shopping season. Help your child brainstorm a list of people and gift ideas for each of them. 12. In December, people often give monehy to help people in need. Have your child pretend that he/she has one million dollars to give away. What would he/she do with the money? 13. The school holiday break is in December. Have your child discuss what he/she did last holiday break. Have them describe their favorite winter vacation/activity.14. During the holiday break, many children read books. Ask your child to tell the story of his/her favorite book. 15. In winter, the weather starts to turn colder. Brainstorm with your child about things to do to keep warm. 16.Have your child discuss the winter activities they enjoy. 17. Some people use a nutcracker to crack open nuts. Discuss other things that "crack". 18.Talk about the special things happened this year. Best/worst part of the year??