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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - November

Seasonal Activities - November

Speech and Language Carryover Activities for November

 What a wonderful time of year to practice all of your communication skills. Here are some suggestions to assist you at home in practicing those skills that your child is learning in speech class. Remember, any time is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce skills learned. If your child is working on improving his/her articulation of a specific sound, be sure to listen for his/her correct production of that sound. And be sure to listen for it in the appropriate context (single words, phrases, sentences, conversation). If your child is focusing on improving their fluency control, remind them to use the speech strategies that they have been learning in class. As always, these suggestions are an excellent way to expand upon language skills.


  1. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for things we have. Have your child describe those things that he/she is thankful for and explan why.
  1. Traditionally, people have big feasts on Thanksgiving day. Have your child describe what his/her feast would be like if he/she could choose anything that he/she wanted.
  1. Have your child pretend that he/she was present for the first Thanksgiving meal and describe what it would be like.
  1. On Thanksgiving day, there are many parades with big balloons. Have your child make up a balloon character of his/her own and describe it.
  1. Election day is in November. Have your child discuss things we vote on.
  1. During November, people in many countries remember those persons who served in the Armed Forces. Ask your child to talk about how a police office and soldier are alike as well as how they are different.
  1. In November, the New York Marathon Race is held. Ask your child to describe a marathon as well as how people get in shape to run a marathon.
  1. Families often get together this time of year. Have your child describe the most recent famil gathering.
  1. By November, football season is in full swing. There are many rules in football and other games. Have your child discuss why games have rules and why these rules are important.
  1. In the Fall, bears prepare to hibernate for the winter. Discuss with your child what hibernation is. When does h/eshe sleep? Why is sleep important?
  1. Many people go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Have your child describe his/her last shopping trip. Did he/she enjoy shopping? Why or why not?
  1. Basketball season begins in November. Have your child explain how to play basketball. Are there many rules? Does he/she like to play or watch basketball?
  1. November is a busy travel time. Ask your child to brainstorm all the different ways there are to travel. Which is his/her favorite? Why?
  1. When you visit someone, you are their guest. Have your child explain why and how he/she may behave differently when a guest rather than at home.
  1. Some people stay in hotels while visiting friends and family. Ask your child to tell you how their house or apartment is like a hotel room as well as how it is different.
  1. In November, we think of turkeys. Ask your child to name different types of birds.
  1. Some kids like to watch cartoons during their Thanksgiving break. Discuss which cartoon character your child would like to be if he/she could be anyone.
  1. November is a time for appreciation and thankfulness. We can be thankful for the many talents we all have. Ask your child to describe what he/she likes to do. What would he/she like to improve upon?

Take any and every opportunity to practice those skills that your child has been learning.


Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!