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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - January

Seasonal Activities - January

 Carryover Activities for January


Here are some more topics for you to use in eliciting conversations with your child. Make sure that your child utilizes either the best production of their sound that they are working on or focuses on their fluency in responding to these questions. Engaging in conversation and asking questions is an excellent way to facilitate language (vocabulary and concept) development.


1) You often see people out shoveling after a big snow storm. Have your child explain why people shovel walkways after it snows.

2) Every year we learn new things. Have your child recall things that they have learned last year and discuss things that they would like to learn in the upcoming year.

3) On New Year's Day, many people enjoy parades. Have your child talk to you about things he/she would see in a parade.

4) You can go sledding when it snows. Ask your child to talk about sledding. What do you need for sledding? How fast should you go? Talk about other winter sports.

5) In January, the Super Bowl football game is played. Have your child tell whey so many people like to watch the Super Bowl on TV. Does he/she like to watch? Why or why not?

6) After the holidays, many people go to the stores to return or exchange items they received as gifts. Ask your child to think of reasons why people might return things.

7) Ask your child to tell how ice skating and roller skating are alike and how they are different.

8) When it snows, you can build a snowman. Have your child describe how to build a snowman.

9) Eskimos live in houses called igloos. Have your child tell how his/her house is different from an igloo. How are they similar?

10) Martin Luther King, Jr. made a famous speech called "I Have A Dream". How could you make the world a better place?

11) Every snowflake is unique. Unique means each one is different. Describe what makes you unique from everyone else.

12) When the ground is covered with snow, children often make snow angels. Ask your child to describe how to make a snow angel.


Make sure that your child knows that when they respond to these questions that they are to be focusing on the skills that they are learning in speech class. It may be specific speech sounds, speaking more fluently (or using strategies for fluency), or responding appropriately with regard to sentence formulation, grammar/syntax, and vocabulary.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!