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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - October

Seasonal Activities - October

Carryover Activities for October


October has arrived! Here are some suggestions to assist you at home in practicing those skills that your child is learning in speech class. Remember, any time is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce skills learned. If your child is working on improving his/her articulation of a specific sound, be sure to listen for his/her correct production of that sound. If your child is focusing on improving their fluency control, remind them to use the speech strategies that they have been learning in class. As always, these suggestions are an excellent way to expand upon language skills.


  1. Children may go trick or treating on Halloween. Have your child name Halloween treats.
  2. Have your child describe his/her favorite Halloween costume.
  3. Ghosts can be scary. Have your child tell a ghost story or take turns telling a story.
  4. Have your child describe a haunted house.
  5. Some children may dress up as super heroes for Halloween. Have your child talk about his/her favorite super hero.
  6. Some children choose characters from books to dress for Halloween. Have your child talk about a favorite character from a book.
  7. Have your child read his/her favorite book to you.
  8. October is as good a time as any for your child to learn to clean out his/her desk. Have your child think of things that do not belong.
  9. Have your child describe his/her favorite subject in school and explain why.
  10. National Children's Day is this month. Have your child describe how a child and adult are alike as well as how they are different.
  11. Ask your child what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up and explain why.
  12. Have your child describe a "typical" day at school.
  13. October is hurricane season for the south and eastern United States. Have your child describe a hurricane.
  14. Have your child describe the difference between Fall (the season) and fall (the action word). Help him/her brainstorm about other homographs.
  15. This time of year squirrels are seen gathering food for winter. Have your child name different types of nuts.
  16. As the temperature falls, many birds fly south for the winter. Have your child name things that can fly.
  17. Fall is the time for harvesting crops. Have your child describe a scarecrow and its purpose.
  18. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October. The explorer, Martin Frobisher was the first to celebrate Thanksgiving 43 years before the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. Think of foods you would have at your Thanksgiving dinner.

As in any extra home activity, your child is eligible to be entered into the speech raffle 2 additional times for each activity completed at home. Please send in a note stating that he/she completed an activity (or sign and date a print out of the activity) and they will be entered into the raffle.