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Ms. Brittany Alicastro » Spelling Words

Spelling Words

On this page you will be able to find the list of weekly spelling words.

Word Wall Words 

Below are many different activities to help you practice your word wall words. You must chooseat least 4 activities of your choice to complete for weekly homework. You may not do the same activity twice in the same week. Your choice of activities includes:


  1. Write the words in alphabetical order.
  2. Write each word three times each.
  3. Write each word in a sentence each or one paragraph and underline the spelling words.
  4. Group all words by number of syllables.
  5. Sort all words by spelling pattern (example: oo, ue).
  6. Sort words into rhyming groups.
  7. Write all words in your neatest handwriting. Then write each word again using cursive, bubble letters or any creative way.
  8. Sort words into these categories- noun, verb, adjective, or other.
  9. Write synonyms for 5 words and write antonyms for 5 words.
  10. Write tongue twisters for 10 spelling words.
  11. Write a T.V. commercial using all the words from your list.
  12. Circle the vowels in each word.