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Mrs. Jessica Siet » MTPS Video Conferencing Guidelines for Students and Parents

MTPS Video Conferencing Guidelines for Students and Parents




Video Etiquette

Below are some general rules of courtesy for virtual classroom meetings.  Please discuss these with your children. Teachers will upload a copy of these guidelines to all Google Classrooms and to teacher web pages.  Each teacher will discuss these guidelines with students beginning with meetings on Monday, April 20.      

  • Be Present
      • Be a few minutes early to your scheduled meeting (just like class).
      • Pay attention to the discussions, focus on your work, and be ready to participate.
      • Your video session is your new class.  Just like your old physical classroom, you need to be present to learn.  If you have an emergency and cannot attend class, please contact your teacher. 
    • Communication 
      • Both written and verbal language should be appropriate for school
      • Identify yourself before you speak
      • If you are not speaking, mute yourself to prevent background noise
      • Please do not interrupt others; wait for the respectful pause
      • Please note that a teacher has the ability to mute everyone
      • Speak clearly and in a normal voice
    • Dress
      • If you wouldn’t wear it to school, don’t wear it on video
      • Make sure you are fully dressed
      • Wear appropriate clothes
  • Greetings
      • Be sure to practice respectful greetings with your teacher and classmates; teachers will model this behavior on Monday, April 20th.
        • Establish and model protocols for positive greetings in the school community is one goal of the Responsive Community mental health subcommittee.
      • Grade Band Examples
        • K-2: Teacher will greet students as they join the virtual classroom using Zoom or Google Hangouts.  They can use formal greetings like Good Morning Boys and Girls/Class. You can say show me your biggest smile or give me a thumbs up if you are ready to learn and/or excited to learn today.  You can select students to show a special wave or dance and the class will repeat. High/ low or 123 describing day.
        • 3-5:Teacher will initiate a positive greeting in the beginning of each “live” meeting. Students will greet the teacher and the other students using things like: Formal greeting ( Mr./Ms.), virtual high five, silly face, dance move, etc. All students will give and receive a greeting. 
        • 6-8: “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Let’s begin the day with a proper greeting. I have chosen ________, ___________, and ____________ (rotate daily so all students get an opportunity to participate). Please remember to greet me (teacher) and your fellow classmates. Get creative and put your own spin on this. As always, remain appropriate and respectful.” 
  • Learning Space
    • Create a consistent space that is conducive to learning
    • Lying in bed is not an acceptable learning space
    • Please turn off cell phones, televisions, and other sources of noise and distraction during live sessions
    • Position yourself so that most of the light is coming from in front of you (behind your monitor), instead of behind you. 
      • Tip: If you have a window behind you, shut the blinds
    • Your surroundings will be visible to everyone so be sure they are  school-appropriate
  • No Recording of Video or Audio
    • Students or Parents are not allowed to record audio or video during live sessions; this includes pictures as well. 
  • Video and Audio Reminders
    • It’s a good idea to let your household know you are doing a live session so they respect your need to be attentive (use of headphones will reduce household interruptions)
    • Look at the camera when speaking
    • Post only what is required for the assignment

    • Staff have the flexibility of using both Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom
    • Staff will work with our students to help the students understand how the virtual environment will look in each class
    • Teachers have the right to mute or remove any student that is disruptive to the online environment
    • Test your video and audio prior to your meeting
    • Turn on video and audio if not set to automatically do so
    • You are responsible for all activity associated with your username; a general rule is to behave just like you would in class and in school; remote learning is a part of your digital footprint.  Be responsible.  
    • Your personal contact information (address, phone #, etc.) is personal.  Please don’t post this information.