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ELA Page

Welcome to Ms. Steets and Mrs. Baker's ELA Page
Achieve Logs are due in class every Monday.  Students are required to complete at least two articles at home per week.
Unit 4 Literacy Objectives:  
     In Marking Period 4 in Literacy, we will focus on using questioning to think about a story, as well as listening to confirm another person's thinking.  We will also refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.  We will also explore the difference between poems, drama, and prose.  We will also continue practicing making connections and identifying theme in texts we read. 
 We also will  continue  using discussion prompts to have meaningful conversations about what we are reading.  We will also be delving deep into fiction while working on and citing evidence from text and videos using  the  RACE  Strategy when responding  to  text. 
Study Island
            *** Remember to visit our GOOGLE CLASSROOM PAGE for additional resources, activities, presentations, and assignments. 

Skills Guide is posted below.
-Several quizzes will be administered on the objectives taught.  These tests/quizzes are difficult to study for as they are application of reading skills. Therefore, some may be announced in advance and some will not.
But you can help you child at home by consistently reading with him/her and having them apply the skills listed below to books or passages that they read at home. 
 We are focusing on Opinion/Persuasive Writing. We will also continue to practice our  proofreading skills, organizing our writing, using transition words, and including sensory details in our writing. The Grammar Skills we will focus on are include combining choppy sentences using conjunctions (and, but, or, yet, etc.) , using commas correctly, and continue to correcting run-on sentences.
Please help your child proofread at home using the proofreading marks we learned in class.
Achieve 3000 NEWS
Every week the children are expected to  carefully read and complete the 8 Activity Questions for at  least 1 article of choice and answer the Thought Question in full, complete sentences. (Please see the Include in your writing button to improve your responses). In MP 2, 3, and 4, we will assign 2 Articles for Independent Practice at home, along with 1  well written Thought Question. Try to earn a 75% or higher on the 1st try :) Let's increase those Lexile Levels monthly. 
***Return Signed Achieve Folder every MONDAY*** Parents and students must sign. (If we do not have school on a Monday, the folder , article, and thought questions will be due on Tuesday)
** See directions and strategies to do well and improve comprehension and wriiten responses on Achieve 3000 in students' Achieve Folders.**
  • Please continue to use Achieve 3000 at home when assigned. Your child may also read additional articles for practice in addition to the activities and stretch articles, but please do not complete more than 1 article at one time.   Thank you!
ELA Additional Information:
  • Study Island-is an excellent computer program that prepares our children for standardized testing in Math,Reading,and Language Arts.. 
  • Lexile Levels/Achieve 3000 . This is a reading level that Achieve 3000 has estimated for your child according to how they are performing on this program only.  Grade 4 Range falls between 740-940 Lexile Levels are for informational purposes only and are not calculated as a part of your child's final grade.