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Mrs. Christine Trezza » Classroom News this Week

Classroom News this Week

     So your kiddos are really getting into the swing of things here at school! We have been able to get into our small groups for ELA and will be doing so in math as well this week! Some students who are ready have begun the SIPPS Phonics reading program, while others will be learning their letters and sounds. The 1st graders are working on adding to sums within 10. They will be using the Touch Math strategy to begin, and as we move forward, they will learn other addition strategies, such as "counting on" using a number line. The Kindergarten students are learning the counting of sets, as well as the number formation of numbers 0-5. 
     We will continue in social studies this week, learning about "Me on the Map". The children will learn about the continents and oceans of the world. They will put together a personalized project which will help them to understand that they are part of a planet, a continent, a country, a state, and a town. It would be wonderful if you could practice and help your child to learn his or her address at home!
     We have been sharing lots of great stories. This week, we will share and discuss "The Little Engine that Could", which will be a theme for our school year. We think we can and therefore we can! We try our best always and do our best never to say "I can't". The students will be making a class book of some of the things that they can do!