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Mrs. Danielle Baker » Study Skills Strategies

Study Skills Strategies

Study Skill Strategies
1. Find a quiet place to study without distractions. 
2. Reserve a block of time each day to study and do school work.  It should be a time of day that you are at your best (well-rested, not hungry). 
3. Be sure to take short breaks in between subjects.  Stand up and stretch :) 
3. Review your planner each day to see when your assignments are due and when your tests are being given.  Always start studying for/working on the assignment that is due first.  Then, begin studying for any other tests that may be approaching. Putting your assignment due dates on a calendar may be helpful. 
4.  If a study guide has been provided, plan ahead.  Study a section of the study guide each night. The amount of sections that your study guide is broken into will depend on how many nights you are given to study.  However, the night before a test, you should always review the study guide as a whole.  If you need help breaking down your study guide, I will gladly help.  
5.  If a study guide is not provided, be sure to study all of the materials that the teacher tells you to review.  These materials should always be written in your planner. Again, you should break down the information into smaller sections to study each night.  The last night should be a review of all of the information.  
6.  Have an adult quiz you on the information.   
7. Make flash cards for vocabulary words if you did not make them in school. 
8. Make studying fun by playing games.  For example, you may use flash cards to match words to their definitions or to play a memory game. 
9. Review the information during free times of the day.  For example: on the bus, during homeroom, driving in the car, waiting for your sibling to come out of gymnastics.  
10. Think of funny ways to help remember information.  For example: rhymes or acronyms. 
If you find that you are having trouble studying, please ask your teacher or parents to help you use these strategies.  Good Luck!