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Welcome Page

Welcome to Mr. Potts' Teacher Page
School year 2023-2024




- Students can access the Defino Phys. Ed. Google Classroom page by using access code zecorx3

or click this link:


-Students can access Mr Potts' Health Google Classroom page by using access code Lzt5loe.  

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Welcome to my Physical Education program.


You may contact me at [email protected]



What to expect:  In my class you can expect to always be moving and engaged in an up to date physical education activity.  Everyone is involved in every lesson. 

Fitness Theme   This year we will focus on fitness with our fitness theme of "healthy bodies."  Students will learn the importance of maintaining a healthy body, while understanding health, wellness, and life long fitness. 

- Sportsmanship is paramount as we will learn and re-enforce what it means to play fairly, be a positive teammate, except wins and losses, and to have fun!

- Teamwork, cooperation, communication, planning, adapting, and the importance of being a team player.

- Body and self control through sport skills, spatial awareness, dynamic movements, and coordination activities. 

Our activities will vary on a wide range, but be assured you will be moving your bodies every time I see you as exercise and fitness are a staple in my class...  Get ready, effort is the key, so long as you are giving it 100% you will succeed...    



About Mr. Potts



Hello, my name is Mr. Potts and I am a Physical Education and Health teacher here at Defino Central School.  Health and fitness have been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it is my mission to educate all of my students on the value of health, wellness, and life long fitness. 


Prior to being a teacher at Defino I have worked as an athletic coach and instructor (mainly baseball and softball), as well as a group and personal fitness trainer.  Being a Division 1 collegiate athlete, I understand the importance of hard work, sportsmanship, self/body control, and teamwork which are the foundations in my Physical Education classes. 


Coaching is a large part of my life as well.  I most enjoy coaching my two lovely daughters in all of their youth sports endeavors (soccer, basketball, softball).  Being a Dad is the most rewarding thing in my life...    


It is my duty and pleasure to instill strong healthy habits to all of my students, and to teach them the importance of proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and life long fitness... 

I look forward to healthy, fantastic, school year with you...



The Dolphin Fitness Club 

will open soon!


Details and rules for the Dolphin Fitness Club are listed under the

Dolphin Fitness Club tab.


Our Fitness club is designed to help motivate students to be physically active, and reward them for choosing healthy activities.  Our goal is to get our students moving, helping them develop healthy lifestyle habits. 

Everyone is invited to be a part of this club.  Simply jot down the types of exercise/moving activities you are doing along with the duration and bring that in for mileage credit. 

We accept any aerobic activity as credit towards the mileage club.  You can walk, run, bike, swim, dance, cheerlead, play soccer, etc...  Any type of aerobic exercise/activity that elevates your heart rate and keeps you moving will count towards our mileage club.



**Feel free to take a picture or a video of you doing a physical activity (either in the videos we have provided, or some form of physical activity that you love) and email that to me.  I would be happy to see everyone in action, and (with parental permission) can post your picture/video on the my school twitter feed.** @CoachPotts25