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Hello Parents and Guardians,


Please see the attached lesson schedules for grades 4 and 5. Thank you!

Grade 4 Band Schedule:


Grade 5 Band Schedule:


Welcome back to school! More information will be forthcoming. For the first full week of school, there will be no lessons for 4th grade. 5th grade lessons, for those who were in band in 20-21, will be set to begin on the week of September 13th, in the band room.


ALMOST ALL PARENT INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM as always, to cut down on direct parent emails. Of course if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] so I can help further assist your needs. Thank you so much for your continued support of the Defino and Dugan band programs, as well as the entire music department of Marlboro Schools!

Welcome to the online band room for Defino and Dugan! Announcements will be posted on a weekly basis on Google Classroom.
Attention: If you have any questions or your child has not yet signed up for Google Classroom please email me at [email protected]
INSTRUMENT BELL COVERS ARE MANDATORY THIS YEAR, WHETHER YOU RENT FROM RUSSO OR NOT. Russo Music has told me they will automatically be added to your cart upon checkout and the covers will be $14 each. If you are purchasing your instrument, you may still go on the russo music website and purchase one. You may also go out and find your own bell cover, but they are similarly priced everywhere and may not fit your child’s instrument properly if you go out and purchase on your own.
If you are renting an instrument, please go to
Please follow all the instructions and rent the instrument of choice, the book, Sound Innovations book 1, and if you are a Clarinet or Saxophone, please purchase "Van Doren 2.5 strength reeds." They are in a blue box of 10. If your child plays Bass Clarinet or Tenor Sax, they will come in a box of 5.
If you are PURCHASING an instrument, please consult me first. Purchasing on amazon or ebay can lead to buying a poorly made or fake instrument. Purchasing books and smaller supplies like mouthpieces and reeds through those sites are perfectly acceptable however.
Also, please follow the Defino and Dugan bands on twitter below!
Please have your child practice for at least 30 minutes a day. If you would like to practice more than that, please feel free!!