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Inspiring videos and recordings


This is Peter Moore, co-principal Trombone of the London Symphony. He won the job when he was 18, which made him the youngest musician to win a job with one of the best orchestras in the world! In 2008, when he was 12, he won the BBC Young Artist competition. This is one of his pieces that he won with. Watch to the end. AMAZING ARTISTRY!!! Shoot to sound like him, low brass!!!
Mary Had a Little Lamb, but what if the melody was composed by some OTHER famous composers? A FUNNY VIDEO if you understand music history!
Japanese 4th and 5th grade band playing Leonard Bernstein's "Slava!" This is one of the hardest pieces ever written for band and this is being played by an elementary school band... AND MEMORIZED!!!!!!!!
Hebron High School Marching Band in Texas. They had one of the best marching bands I've ever heard this year. Unbelievable playing from 13-18 year olds!!! Performed at the Bands of America Super Regional in Houston, TX at the beginning of November.