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Welcome to Mrs. Glassman's


Your children will be working diligently to achieve their speech and language goals. They will have the opportunity to earn stickers (for the prize box) and raffle tickets (for the Speech Raffle - see below) for completing homework assignments.  Please be sure to check their speech books so you will know what is expected of them and what type of homework needs to be done. Also, remember that if your child is working on correcting speech sounds, it is important to practice on a daily basis (or as frequently as possible) in order for progress to be made. Review old and new work.

For suggestions and ideas about how to infuse your child's out of school experiences with speech and language learning, please refer to the Monthly Seasonal Activities page. 

Your child(ren) are encouraged to explore the websites on my teacher page for activities that are related to their speech and language goals. There are articulation and stuttering activities and activities to enhance language learning as well as social language learning. Your child will earn additional raffle tickets for completing an activity online as described below. Please note that these activities are in the process of being updated. Thank you for your patience. 


Speech Raffle


There will be three Speech Raffles held throughout the year. Your child earns a raffle chance each time they complete their assigned homework. As a bonus, they can earn two additional raffle chances for each activity that they complete on line. You can access activities by clicking on the tab to the left of this page. Please send in a signed note stating the name of each activity and the date that it was completed or print the activity and sign it.


HOMEWORK:  Please practice the homework that is in your child's speech/language notebook. For articulation needs, your child will benefit from practicing their sound(s) on a daily basis for about 5-10 minutes. If there is no new homework, please practice the previously assigned work. Any practice - old or new - of newly learned speech sounds is a step closer to mastery! For language needs, your child will benefit from doing the homework assigned in their speech notebooks. And remember - there are activities online that your child can access and enjoy while they are enhancing their skills! Please be sure to access those activities that are relevant to your child's speech and/or language goals.



I am an ASHA (American Speech Hearing and Language Association) certified Speech/Language Pathologist and have been one for more than 35 years. I have worked in many settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, pre-schools, private schools, private practice, and home care services. I have been certified as a Speech Language Specialist for the past 22 years in order to work in the public school system in New Jersey. I find it especially rewarding to work with school-age children in the school setting where I can improve their communication skills (expressive and receptive language as well as speech and fluency) in order to more successfully access the academic curriculum and enjoy social interactions. The opportunity to develop relationships with the teaching staff as well as getting to know the children in their learning environments is extremely gratifying.