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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Carryover Activities - March

Seasonal Carryover Activities - March

Carryover Activities for March
Here are some ideas for you to use at home to encourage carryover of the skills that your child is learning in speech/language class. Remind your child to use either their best speech sounds and/or speech fluency strategies when they answer your questions. As always, they will go into the raffle 2 extra times for practicing at home. Please send in a note stating that he/she completed an activity.
1. "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." Have your child tell you what this means. 
2. Have your child tell how a lion and a lamb are alike and how they are different.
3. Discuss the difference between March the month and march the action word (verb). 
4. Marching bands often play in parades. Have your child describe a musical instrument they would like to play and explain why. 
5. Have your child tell you about what he/she would do if a Leprechaun knocked on your door.
6. Pretend you and your child have found a lucky four-leaf clover. Have your child define "luck" and give an example of someone with good luck.
7. Ask your child what he/she would do with a pot of gold. 
8. During rainy days of March, children often play indoors. Have your child describe how to play his/her favorite game. 
9. Have your child describe a rainbow.
10. Help your child imagine that a big gust of wind has blown his/her hat off. Let your child tell what would happen next. 
11. Trees are about to bloom. Have your child name various fruits that grow on trees. 
12. With warmer weather, more people go outside for exercise. Have your child talk about exercise and tell why it is important.
13. Spring Break is coming! Ask your child what he/she would like to do during their break. 
14. College basketball games are fun to watch in March. Have your child explain how to play basketball. 
15. As spring draws near, the weather becomes warmer. Have your child tell how spring clothes are like winter clothes and how they are different.