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Carol Posner-Glassman » Seasonal Activities - May

Seasonal Activities - May

May Carryover Activities


Have fun practicing your skills during May. Here are some ideas for you and your family. As always, have your parent or guardian sign a note stating that you completed an activity. You will go into the raffle 2 extra times!


Mother's Day: 1) Mother's Day is a special day for mom. Have your child plan a breakfast for you and talk about what will be served. 2) Every mom is special. Have your child tell 5 things that are special about his/her mom. 3) Have your child think of 5 things that he/she can do to help his/her mom on Mother's Day. 4) Have your child describe his/her mom's "typical" day.


Memorial Day:  1) On Memorial Day we remember soldiers who fought for our country. Have your cild describe 5 things that are important to remember. 2) Have your child come up with a grocery list for all things needed for a Memorial Day picnic. 3) Most people don't work or go to school on Memorial Day. Have your child describe how he/she will spend the day.


Better Speech and Hearing Month:  1) May is the month we celebrate good hearing and speech. Have your child tell ways to care for his/her hearing. 2) Have your child give reasons why listening is important. 3) Have your child describe what they are learning in speech class. 4) Have your child explain why good speech is important. 5) Have your child discuss the rules in his/her speech class.


Other May topics:  1) Have your child explain what it means to have a "green thumb". 2) Flowers are everywhere. Have your child name flowers and describe where they are found. 3) The grass sure grows fast this time of year. Have your child name things that move fast. 4) T.V. finales are on in May. Have your child talk about their favorite T.V. show. 5) Many epople use fans to keep cool. Have your child tell how a fan and air conditioning are alike. How are they different? 6) On sunny days, golf is popular. Have your child describe how to play golf. 7) The weather is perfect for playing outside. Have your child describe his/her favorite outdoor activity. 8) It is time for spring cleaning! Have your child describe things to clean around the house. 9) On a nice day, riding bikes are fun. Have your child talk about the day she/he learned to ride a bicycle. Have her/him describe how to ride a bicycle.

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